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Wes Starke ┬ę2022


A Motivator & Coach
with a Big Mission.

Operation Spark is underway… Mission:┬á Inspire young athletes and entrepreneurs to find and ignite their inner flame. As a professional athlete turned Youth Football Coach and Business Mentor, Wes has inspired hundreds of athletes alongside startup entrepreneurs to not only jump into their passion but leave their own mark.

Become the Hero of your own story.

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I serve the youth, the driven, and those who are willing to fight to make their dream a reality.

Motivational Speaker : Pre Game Motivator

Known for my pre-game motivation, I’ve been inspiring and impacting the lives of young athletes since my time as a professional football athlete. I have merged my professional experiences and story of perseverance into a Motivational speaking career for youth sports teams as the Pre-game Motivator.

Licensed Youth Sports Coach

As a licensed youth coach, I focus my attention on cultivating a mindset as much as building the skillset of all my athletes. Mastering the basics and creativity of one’s mind is as important as training to perfect one’s craft.

Winning is very important and championships are the ultimate achievement that any athlete can work toward, but having a fighters mentality that transcends the sport will have a stronger and lasting impact in that athlete’s life then a championship could ever have. Now let’s add having a blast doing what you love with a fighters mentality and you’ll get someone who will always find a way to win.

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

I am an entrepreneur at heart and as the Chairman and CEO of StarkevX, I have been considered the rising star in one of the leading industries as an business developer and early-stage investor in the professional and recreational sports league market alongside the fitness arena.

IFBB Elite Fitness Competitor

Currently I am on the journey to become a IFBB Elite Pro Athlete by the age of 38. During this process, I will be teaching what I’ve learn to help others find that body they’ve always wanted. Also I’ll be showcasing my achievements in as many magazine as possible for the pure entertainment of it all starting with Muscle and Fitness Magazine!

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