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The Training Camp Courses are designed to help you step by step accelerate your start, eliminate your day job, run your business full-time, and dominate your niche.

Wes Starke Ā©2020


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    Wes Starke Ā©2020

    Who Am I

    Wes Starke Here.

    Iā€™m a former professional athlete, entrepreneur, angel investor, coach, podcaster, speaker, and founder of SVX and the house of StarkeStudios. Iā€™m also a self-proclaimed Ambassador of Chiefs Kingdom, music loving, soccer dad, and the coolest dude based in San Diego, California.

    Years after my short unorthodox career as an athlete, I started my 7 years journey building businesses outside of my day job as a Commercial RE Acquisitions Director (yes, what a title), I made the full-time shift from building to mastering the art of scaling 6figure businesses to now I’m teaching others to do the same as a Startup Coach, as of January 2021 (itā€™s a crazy storyā€¦)

    My mission is to help you DOMINATE this game we call entrepreneurship so you can create freedom youā€™ve always wanted.

    What to expect

    Learn how to Successful
    Start and Accelerate Your new Business.

    Jumpstart your business and dominate your niche while organically growing your income, your impact, and solving problems for your audience while enjoying life and living your dream all while designing your business to run on autopilot.

    Wes Starke Ā©2020
    Wes Starke Ā©2020
    Wes Starke Ā©2020

    Champion Training Camp Courses help jumpstart and accelerate startups and optimize performance as you scale. Designed for new and young entrepreneurs, product creators, service providers, and business owners who are discipline. No gimmicks. All hustle.

    Train on both Desktop & Mobile

    Benefits of

    with Wes.

    My mission is to help you DOMINATE this game we call entrepreneurship so you can create freedom you’ve always wanted.

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    Playbooks created on startup strategies.


    Secret Facebook community for Bosses.

    Camp Courses
    Camp Courses

    Programs to get you started and grow fast.

    Weekly Q&A
    Weekly Q&A

    Get your questions answered weekly

    1on1 Coaching
    1on1 Coaching

    Mentor and private coaching sessions


    Borrow my Agency Mgrs for Design, Web, etc.

    Champion Programs

    Choose a plan that
    fits your objectives.



    Per Playbook

    Get strategy playbooks to accelerate and scale your new business. Pick and choose a playbook based purely on what you need.

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    All Boss Training Camp Courses. Private Community. Weekly Q&A Calls. Expert Mentorship. Customer Support 24/7.


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    Agency Mgr


    Per Manager

    Camp Courses. Playbooks. Community. Weekly Q&A. 1on1 Mentorship. + Design, Web, Sales and Marketing Manager.


    * Setup starts $1199+ (payment plans available)

    Registration for Champion Programs open March 24, 2021, for
    a limited time with limited spots available.

    My Inspiration

    Become the Example
    of Discipline.

    Life Changing Quote I Live By
    ``Some days are harder than others to get up early and grind, but I'd much rather suffer a little today than struggle the rest of my life!``
    Eric Thomas

    Founder, ETA

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