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Meet Wes StarkeĀ 

Family First (Husband and Father). CEO and Chairman of SVXĀ®, Motivational Speaker, Licensed Youth Coach, Video Creator, Professional Voice Actor, Podcast Personality, and former Professional Football Athlete turned Professional Fitnes Competitor.

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WES STARKE, aka “Coach Wes”
Serial Entrepreneur, Youth Athletics Coach, Business Coach, and Motivational Speaker.

“Become the Superhero of your own story. You were built for this.”

17 Youth Coaching Seasons, 400+ Athletes Coached, 5X Champion, 4X Award Winning All-Conference Coach and Motivator. 16+ Years as a Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. MBA Grad and a Kansas City native. Die hard @Chiefs @SportingKC fan.

CATEGORY: Inspiration | Coach
KNOW FOR: Motivation. Business. Coaching
TOPICS: Athlete Growth & Personal Development. Lifestyle Transitions. Fitness & Mental Health. Business Development.
AUDIENCE: Youth, Middle, High School, and Collegiate Student Athletes. Professional Athletes, New Business Founders and Athletes Transitioning into Entrepreneurship
FEE RANGE: $2k-$7k

Just as it is in the game, Life was designed to be played not watched from the sidelines #showtfu




If you’re doubting just know that, Someone less qualified is killing it while youā€™re doubting yourself.

Energetic Motivator with a massive mission:
Ignite and feed the inner šŸ”„ of 1M young student athletes as well as inspire entrepreneurs across the country to believe that their dream is grabbable.

Wes has been inspiring and impacting the lives of young athletes since his time as a professional athlete. Now with his authority in the entrepreneurship arena, Wes has merged his business experience and story of perseverance into a Motivational speaking career.

Wes is about passion and intensity. Making moves that are strategic with a willingness to live authentically is what Wes teaches. Itā€™s about an obsession with being better, stronger, and a more improved self so you can become a powerful asset to others.

Wes believes that ever person has a place in this world to be successful, and ever child needs to see a version of themselves successfully authentic. You can always expect something bold, fun and unexpected from Wes.



Don’t get it twisted, this right here ain’t easy… but it doable. #showtfup

Wes’ Journey
Wes’ life has been anything but easy. Raised by a struggling single mom of 3, Wes grew up experiencing life on both sides of the bridge, from rough neighborhoods to being the poor black kid in white suburban schools. With lack of direction in life, no father figure, failing in school, and struggling to find his own identity, Wes often felt rejected, powerless, and hopeless… but football always gave him a sense of home.

Although it was a rough start at first, he realized football was something he could succeed at if he stayed focused and committed. Football taught him what it meant to be part of a team and the importance of accountability; especially in moments of adversity. He realized it not only took talent and know-how to succeed, but it also took tenacity and the ability to control your thoughts, attitude, and daily habits.

Wes continued to play and excel in football through high school and into a rewarding but short professional football career with numerous football teams within the Arena and Indoor Football Leagues. Even with the loss of collegiate eligibility, Wes was able to move on and join a development football team which lead him into his professional career, where he learned how to become a true ambassador of self-development.

After 5 years and a career ending Achilles injury, Wes traded in his helmet and pads for a whistle and business cards. Wes took what he learned from the game and built the foundation of his own empire that transitioned him into the role of coach, rising star serial entrepreneur, and startup investor. Realizing the principles of entrepreneurship and sports overlapped, Wes has set out to inspire and motivate young athletes as well as entrepreneurs who have traveled unorthodox paths and has had undesirable pasts, just to show that they too can become the hero of their own story.

Wes is about passion and intensity. Making moves that are strategic with a willingness to live an authentic life is what Wes teaches. Itā€™s really an obsession with being better, stronger, and a more improved self, so you can become a powerful asset for others.

Wes believes that ever person has a place in this world to be successful and be a success in their own authentic creative way. He also believes that ever child especially children in urban communities needs to see a version of themselves become successful that isn’t just from sports and music. So expect the unexpected from Wes.



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