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My name is

My mission is to help you DOMINATE this game we call entrepreneurship so you can create freedom youā€™ve always wanted.


Real talk, my story is filled with attempts to make buttermilk pancakes from scratch. I am not your typical story but also my story isn’t an unfamiliar one.

So, when I say: ā€œIā€™m Wes of SVX. Iā€™m a full-time Startup Coach and Angel Investor based in San Diego, California,ā€ and youā€™re probably like:

  1. What in the world is a Startup Coach?
  2. You lucky duck, you get to enjoy year long sunshine and great weather!

I will cover more about the first question in a second, but lets talk about the year long great weather first. So, when it comes to great weather here, it all depends on what part of California you’re located and what you consider as great weather.

Your location will determine how much sunshine you get to enjoy also. If you like snow, we got it! If you want heat, we got it! If you want to experience rain more often, you’ll have to travel far north for it but we got it! How about all that sunshine, Cali is known for… well of course we got it but not necessarily in the places you would expect.

For example, the beaches usually throughout the year have more of a cloudy overcast and temperatures are usually 10 to 15 degrees cooler than inland areas. And the time of day also determines when you’ll get that sunshine the most… but for the most part, it’s way better than where I originate (Kansas City) by far.

So yes, you are 100% right, I am a lucky freaking duck lol!

Okay, back to the first question. Hereā€™s a better breakdown of what I do as a Startup Coach:

  1. I help young and new entrepreneurs like yourself elevate their business skills so you can dominate your niche.
  2. I empower you to push yourself, take massive action, and to stay accountable to yourself through consistent discipline and practice.
  3. With some very simple training strategies and a few key pointers, you can get the momentum you need to start selling products, offering services that help and get the traction you need to make revenue while you snooze, and leveraging the power of the digital world so you can rocket your business into making your dreams a reality. I do this through my Training Camp Coaching Courses, Offseason Hustle Podcast, and my value-packed digital playbooks and resources. To keep it simple, that’s about itā€¦ but continue reading if you’ll like to know more about my crazy journey and attempts to making some fire buttermilk pancakes from scratch as I kick butt pursuing coaching full-time.
Wes Starke Ā©2020


I strongly believed that I was born to do great things but I couldn’t shake the overwhelming feeling of being a broke loser and a shitty adult while trying to figure out how to overcome the constant reminders that I would fail in life like all the other men in my family before me.

It wasn’t hard to think the way I was thinking since I…

  • was left and disowned by my biological father while he went on to start and raise another family.
  • was socially bullied from Elementary throughout High School.
  • was a financially poor black kid in upper middle class communities, so growing up, I felt inadequate nor felt accepted anywhere in Missouri.
  • became deeply depressed by the age of 14.
  • moved to St Louis and while there I was jumped by 5 men at the age of 15 while trying to protect my female cousin.
  • nearly joined 2 gangs all because I wanted to fit in and be apart of something.
  • failed at damn near everything I did no matter how hard I worked.
  • was kicked out of school my freshman year for defending myself and fighting.
  • struggled to stay afloat in school with a 1.7gpa, until I
  • transferred schools which I did much better but made a decision to have a child my senior year with high school sweetheart (now wife).
  • graduated HS early and joined the Army but because of my unresolved anger issues and constant habits of fighting, I was dishonorable discharged.
  • discovered at the age of 24 that I was living with a learning disability and chronic depression.
  • NEVER seemed to have enough money to do much of anything which made things worst.
  • decided to go on to college thru grants and loans and learned to become a better and strategic man which lead me to playing football again professionally.
  • professional career short lived 5 years in Arena Football (chronic Achilles and knee injuries).
  • Racked up $100k in college debt for a MBA degree that had zero worth in workforce for me.

Shortly after graduating business school, I hit the bottom of life hard and fast again. With no real career opportunities even with an MBA degree, an angry wife, No football, and family depending on me… depression showed its ugly face again and started to feel trapped and screwed.

With a monster amount of pressure on my shoulders, I found myself mentally recycling back into old destructive mental habits and wanted to end it all. I was tired of loneliness and being a disappointment.


I stopped fighting the world and started fighting back in my life. I decided to only focus my attention on winning despite the obstacles I faced. This is when I gave my life to Christ and I started owning my failures alongside past growing pains, understanding that the way I was looking at life was the reason why I was losing. I started doing things that I’ve never seen done in person, but only seen in movies or books…

I started learning new crafts and building myself up by just doing new things. I started learning how to build websites by cloning sites like Hulu and NFL team sites from public library computers. I became so good (in my mind) that I started up an agency creating logo designs, websites for family and friends, product mockups for retail stores, videography while starting my very own sports apparel brand (RIP Sabr Clothing).

I learned so much from failing with Sabr especially when I couldn’t progress through the XGames arena at the time sponsoring athletes. The things I learned in the world of athletic sponsorships lead me to starting a fitness app called GoGooose which we partnered with BetaBlox a startup accelerator in Kansas City, Missouri.

This was about the time I started gaining confidence and taking myself serious. It showed me that confidence in myself alongside discipline will take me further than just having faith but a pessimist thru the process.

From there, I started attacking ideas. I started building side projects to build my portfolio and it allowed me the ability toĀ  ride a new wave in my life.

In 2015, I started my 11th project (a home goods company) that turned into a global doormat brand named BoldBearĀ®, which it all started as a wood sign company but after 4 years of wood signs, we transitioned into full personalize doormat company and we became an official partner of Wayfair. At this point, I knew I had something special and that I could help others just like me. So, I started documenting my processes and I started testing new strategies I’ve learned new other projects with the help of my own mentors.

Let’s just say, my buttermilk pancakes were finally coming together with the crispy edges (just like I liked it). So you know what that means, It was time to create a new batch but this time… with bananas lol.

Wes Starke Ā©2020
Wes Starke Ā©2020


So, I started working with rookie entrepreneurs and personal brands to help bring life to their ideals and projects. Let me tell you, there’s something special about helping another humans bring life to projects and now my goal is to help people reach their own versions of success and Bossing up… globally!

  • I was named Kansas City’s Entrepreneur Rising Star, a huge switch from feeling victimized in my life by a generational poverty mentality.
  • I’ve been featured in BetaBlox startup entrepreneur project beta platform.
  • I’ve worked and partnered on ton of projects across industries: tech start-ups, real estate companies, fitness and health leaders, as well as recreational and professional sports leagues.
  • My clients often say I bring an energy that makes business fun and exciting again. I help my clients identify themselves, increase opportunities, and capitalize on their DOPE-ness. Being you is everything above all other things.

And when I’m not educating, working on my own projects, working with my team, or creating content, you can find me hanging with my family, coaching my children’s youth sports teams, becoming a bodybuilder and watching reruns of Scrubs and Psych!

Some more dope things that you may want to know:

  • My name is Wes Starke and I am a Comic buff
  • Married with 3 awesome children
  • I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri (Go Chiefs)
  • Yes, I’m very active, I still play football but now it’s just flag football with young guys and I’m still a baller lol
  • Yes, I have a comic book character name IronHawk (not ashamed either)
  • Yes, I am an angel investor and I recently invested and cofounded a new Professional Esports Gaming Team
  • My favorite anime’s right now (Attack on Titan & Hunter Hunter)
  • Yes, I played professional football as a Strong Safety in Arena Football Leagues
  • No, I was never picked up by a NFL team (not good enough for that stage)
  • Yes, I was in the Army (but for less than 2 years)
  • I hate coffee but I love the smell of coffee beans
  • I love soccer and I am a licensed USDA coach
  • I play Kickball and I love it.
  • Yes, I am a voiceover actor and yes I will do voiceover work with Marvel, DC and any Anime studios.
  • As an athlete turned entrepreneur, I know what rejection feels like and I can tell you, fear isn’t a good excuse to not succeed. I also know what its like to be depressed and overwhelmed in life but it’s no excuse not to fight. Especially when it comes to making your life worth living and love what you’re doing. If ya boy can do it from scratch, you too can make banana buttermilk pancakes for yourself and your futures life!

So are you ready because the skillet is hot? Bet, let’s get cooking!!!

You can reach out to me and my team anytime at

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